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Tim Grounds 40th Anniversary Digital Catalog.


"Blake Moore from Ballard County, KY was an avid goose caller and hunter and was a good friend of mine.  I loved him.    Blake's words make me feel very humble.   We lost Blake to a car accident a few years ago; he was only 16 - - Tim

My name is Blake Moore.  I was first introduced to Grounds' calls by one of my good buddies. He had a PRO Super Mag that I absolutely loved. From the first time I blew that call I was hooked. I ended up buying a Grounds' goose call and it all started from there. I have filled my lanyard with Grounds' calls and in 2005 I started competition calling. I have won two contests and have placed in the top three six different times using a Grounds' call. The very first time I talked to Tim he made me feel like I had known him for years. He was very polite and very respectful. I have had the opportunity to hunt with Hunter, who is just a flat out awesome guy, and is just like his daddy, Tim. Both Tim and Hunter will go out of their way to help you all they can. No matter who you are, they are willing to help with a contest routine, tuning your call, etc. They are some awesome people and I can't thank them enough for what they have done for me and for others. With FOUR decades of fooling judges and fooling geese, Get Ya a Tim Grounds' goose call and Come Get Cha some of a champion.

Blake Moore
Ballard County, KY

When I was twelve years old I met Tim in southern Michigan while hunting with my father. He told me that I was a good young hunter in the pit blind. Tim could have easily treated my father and me like no- body's, but he did not. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him anytime. I did just that! I started guiding at the age of sixteen, and I had many questions about the business. He would always shoot me strait and give me great advice. He also helped me become the goose hunter and person that I am today. If I ever wanted advice – Tim was always the first one I would call. He still helps me to this day without ever giving it a second thought. Tim is truly a model sportsman, and is very passionate about helping others. I commend Tim for standing up and asking water fowlers to help with Cystic Fibrosis. I am the same type of man thanks to him. His passion to help others is greater than any other person I've ever met; this is one of the reasons why I consider Tim a good friend of mine. If I can help him out in anyway, I will do so, just like he has done for me and countless other people!

Dan Esterline

The first time I met Tim we were sitting in a hotel restaurant and he had asked me if I knew how to blow a goose call and I told him that I had just started calling on a short reed a couple months earlier. He then asked me if I had a goose call on me and of course I did. So that is where my first calling lessons took place, in the restaurant, we got a few weird looks but the bottom line is that Tim was so willing to teach me that it didn’t matter at all to him where it took place. Later that weekend after a few more lessons and a little tuning of my Super Mag I was off to my first contest. Even though I didn't fair so well in that contest he encouraged me to keep with it. Looking back on that who else cares so much about people in general to take that much time to teach. Since then the giving hasn't stopped from the time that he has spent helping me over the phone to just teaching me how to teach what I know to others. So I'm telling you that you’re not just buying a new goose call or just buying a good helping hand, you’re probably getting a new friend too.

As far as real geese sound goes it doesn't get any better then the Tim Grounds goose calls line up. He has a goose call for anyone's needs. The three I use the most in the field are the Half Breed, the HG 007, and a wooden Super Mag. All of them consistently bring geese in and make the sound of a real goose.

So If ya don't got it, come get it.

"Big Craig" Rosenau

Dear Tim Grounds,

I would like to thank you for inviting me to your place. I had a great time. Every time our blind would call and I would see them my heart beat would race because I thought of killing my first goose at your club. Joe and Chuck are great hosts. Lunch WaS great. I iust couldn't wait till school on Monday so I could tell my Friends where I had went that weekend, and who I met there. A duck call- $100 A goose call -$200 One box of shells-$20 One hunt with Tim Grounds- Priceless

Thank you,
B J Bray


Just would like to thank you for making a great goose call. I have a Super Mag and a Long Mag, and they are the best calls I have ever used. The early season has been a blast and it is the first year I have used Tim Grounds calls. I am not a contest caller (although my buddies think I should enter) but rather a field goose caller and I have to say I have blown many calls but nothing compares to yours.

What has impressed me the most about your calls is the wide range of variation. They work great for hails and lay down grunts. Keep up the good work.

Keith Johnson


I'm a new comer to goose hunting with one season and three honkers to my name. Tough year in California, but we did our best. I have been blowing a Half Breed for two years and am pretty good on it. I also have a Poly Carb, but always go back to the Half Breed. I killed these two honkers at 15 yards with one shot. '2 for 1' was a good deal for me. Outlaws, Final Approach Blinds, and a Half Breed sure do the trick. The only thing that hangs on my lanyard says "Tim Grounds" on it.

Vernon Leavitt
Redding, California


Hi, I'm Ben Stoner from northwest Indiana. I first met Tim Grounds around 18 years ago at Monkey's Eyebrow Hunting Area, owned and ran by a good friend of mine, David Kelley. I was only 8 years old and had already discovered my love of chasing and calling Canada geese. I talked to Tim that day and he told me that I had the desire and ambition that it took to play this game. Back then goose calling was not much of a sport, but Tim told me that some day it would have its place. Now I'm blowing a goose call professionally and guiding for David Kelley, among many others. I am fortunate enough to have a wife and job that lets me get to the field and chase honkers about 150 days a year. I have hunted geese in four different countries and in almost every state that holds Canada geese or has some fly over. I currently guide full time at Ultimate Waterfowlers in northeastern Illinois from Sept. 1 until late December. I get to hunt in the heart of the migration and then I move down to Southern Illinois to guide on a few different clubs around Crab Orchard and Horseshoe Lake.

I grew up hunting resident geese in northwest Indiana but soon learned resident geese and refuge geese were two different species. Learning to read geese in the air is what will make you a true caller. Whether you are hunting resident geese or refuge geese there is always some little thing you will find that they like which will help you to be successful day in and day out. Many people will read this and won't quite understand, but will come to realize what I am saying. Tim Grounds has been a great teacher for me, and now that he has retired from calling he will be a great judge because I have seen him time after time, when one of us walks off the stage he might say, "You did good, awesome or unbelievable," or he might say, "You should have been cut in the first round." He is 100% honest no matter who you are or whose call you are blowing.

I am proud to be where I am in this sport and happy to see it growing the way it is, especially for my son and for every other young caller out there.

Good Luck,
Ben Stoner
Northwest Indiana

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