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Poly Carb Black Super Mag $35.00 SECONDS

Poly Carb Black Super Mag SECOND
This batch of Poly Carbs has imperfections
in the molding; finish is rough. 
 This will not  effect the sound in any way,
 but it takes way too long to polish each
 call so the price for this batch will be
$35.00 plus shipping.   (reg. $60)

Custom Poly Super Mags

All Custom Poly Super Mags on sale.
Available in Green Diamond, Blue Diamond
and Coco Bola.  Normally $90 but now on sale for
$75 plus S&H.
 Coco Bola                              Blue Diamond                         Green Diamond


Pro Super Mag,  pink  -  $130.00 plus shipping

Super Mag, pink

Super Mag pink  $120.00 plus shipping


We always have a few seconds; calls that have a flaw in the exterior finish:  either too much paint or smeared paint, or a flaw in the engraving.  Tim handles this and you would need to call our office and talk with him about what is available.  Those calls change too often to keep them updated on this site.   The sound produced by these calls will be first rate because the gut system is not effected in any way by the flaw on the exterior.  Tim or Hunter will tune any call to your specifications.
618 983 5649
  The PRO SUPER MAG,  Cola Bola
Flaw in the engraving  -  We have several of these
Price:  $100,  does not include shipping

Long Mags and Short Mag Special

All Tim Grounds Long Mags and Tim Grounds Short Mags are $25.00 off.  The price on the order form will be correct.
The acrylics  normally sell for $140.00;  sale price is   $115.00.
The  banded woods normally sell for $115.00; sale price is $90.00
The unbanded woods mormally sell for $100.00; sale price is $75.00
Please see these pages under GOOSE CALLS for available colors.
All are engraved.  A few images appear  with a gold sticker, but the  call you
will receive will have Short or Long Mag engraving.
Thanks for choosing Grounds, MADE IN THE USA.

Triple Crowns

   Black Silver,  Gold Nugget
These are not seconds - these are discontinued colors
$175 plus shipping

PO Box 359, 14331 Prosperity Road, Johnston City, IL 62951
phone 618-983-5649  |  fax 618-983-5642

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