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Tim Grounds 40th Anniversary Digital Catalog.

The Grounds Crew

                           SOME OF THE GROUNDS CREW                               



My cousin Doug  



Brandon Fletcher
Easton, Illinois

1997 World Open Champion
1999 North American Champion
2000 North American Champion

I am Brandon Fletcher from Easton, Illinois. I grew up chasing waterfowl along the Mississippi Flyway in west central Illinois and currently spend the winter months chasing ducks and geese from Canada to the southern states of the US. In 1997 I became the youngest, at 26, to ever win the World Open Goose Calling Championship and I most recently won the North American Masters in 1999 and again in 2000.

In the course of a year, whether I am in the field or on the stage, I've generally got a couple goose calls around my neck. They might all sound a shade different, but all bare the name of "TIM GROUNDS". Tim is a gentleman who has not only manufactured a lot of goose calls, but also one who has made many champions to go with 'em. Through his dedication and hard work, Tim has become known far and wide by the sweet sounds he makes on a goose call and for passing it on to people like you and me.

Folks, let's face it: "realism" is the key to success when it comes to hunting waterfowl. That's why I use TIM GROUNDS Championship Calls. They cover the whole spectrum of a goose's language, whether we're talking about the crisp tones or unbelievable volume they deliver; one thing is brass fact: they simply sound like a goose, they're awesome!!!

These calls are the chosen calls world wide by pro guides and champion callers and they've paved a track record to prove it. So whether you want feet in your face or a long list of calling titles, you remember one thing: TIM GROUNDS Championship Calls won't create magic - - but the people who use them sure will...

Troy Dishner
Marion, Illinois

Here is a personal side of Tim:

I met Tim Grounds about 20 years ago while he was working in a sporting goods store. I went in looking for a modified OLT A-50 (that flute call is what TIM retuned back then). We looked through a number of them before I found one I could blow. He showed me how to hold it and showed me some different notes. I got so excited I could not wait to go back the next day and talk to him again.

I got to be a regular visitor where Tim worked; he would always take time to help me, showing me some notes, honks, and the gutteral sounds.

Sometimes we would just talk. Many evenings, after I had walked up to the store without my call, Tim would throw me the keys to his El Camino and send me home to get it. While the people shopped, Tim and I would practice, practice, and practice.

Back in 1987 he was managing a hunting club and asked me if I wanted a job as a guide. While guiding for two or three seasons he let me use one of the most straight-meat dogs in Southern Illinois, Wingmaster. In addition to letting me use his dog, he always made sure, no matter what, that I had enough reeds and plenty of calls for both hunting and the calling contests.

Four or five years ago I bought a lab pup and sent her off to be trained. She died during the training. Tim heard about it and called me a couple days later and said, "I found you a dog that is already trained." His name was "Cole". More than once Cole got lost out on the ice and Tim would get in his truck and drive like a bat out of Hell through the fields, pulling a jon boat. We would have to bust through the ice and pull that dog out.

To sum all this up: You would just have to know Tim to believe him. He is one hell-of-a-guy and one-of-a-kind. Today he is still my friend and still makes the best call on the market.

Ben Stoner
Northwest Indiana

Hi, I'm Ben Stoner from northwest Indiana. I first met Tim Grounds around 18 years ago at Monkey's Eyebrow Hunting Area, owned and ran by a good friend of mine, David Kelley. I was only 8 years old and had already discovered my love of chasing and calling Canada geese. I talked to Tim that day and he told me that I had the desire and ambition that it took to play this game. Back then goose calling was not much of a sport, but Tim told me that some day it would have its place. Now I'm blowing a goose call professionally and guiding for David Kelley, among many others. I am fortunate enough to have a wife and job that lets me get to the field and chase honkers about 150 days a year. I have hunted geese in four different countries and in almost every state that holds Canada geese or has some fly over. I currently guide full time at Ultimate Waterfowlers in northeastern Illinois from Sept. 1 until late December. I get to hunt in the heart of the migration and then I move down to Southern Illinois to guide on a few different clubs around Crab Orchard and Horseshoe Lake.

I grew up hunting resident geese in northwest Indiana but soon learned resident geese and refuge geese were two different species. Learning to read geese in the air is what will make you a true caller. Whether you are hunting resident geese or refuge geese there is always some little thing you will find that they like which will help you to be successful day in and day out. Many people will read this and won't quite understand, but will come to realize what I am saying. Tim Grounds has been a great teacher for me, and now that he has retired from calling he will be a great judge because I have seen him time after time, when one of us walks off the stage he might say, "You did good, awesome or unbelievable," or he might say, "You should have been cut in the first round." He is 100% honest no matter who you are or whose call you are blowing.

I am proud to be where I am in this sport and happy to see it growing the way it is, especially for my son and for every other young caller out there.


Dave Nolan
President, Wisconsin State Chapter

Tim, Thank you again for including me and my Ministry among the the Grounds Crew, it is an honor and privilege with the sole purpose of bringing glory to Him and what can be accomplished through Him.

I have been extremely successful with the Half Breed, Long Mag and Hen Talk, they are what I use exclusively in the field and on the stage in 2011. When it comes to realism, nothing compares, they are the best and what kills day in and day out. That half breed alone has been the death of at least 50 Canada's between myself and clients. The biggest thing is more than the calls though, it is what you, Hunter and your Mother have done for me over the years, your good people with big hearts doing things the right way and I appreciate it! You're a good man, friend and Brother.

God has put many people in my life that have helped me to get to the place I am as well, men and women in the industry who have shared their time, talent and life experiences with me in an effort to help me better myself. Better myself as a Competition caller, Waterfowler and man of God, to those people I give a VERY heartfelt, thank you, I am eternally grateful. Since I'm giving thanks I must give the biggest thanks to Jesus Christ who helped open my eyes and heart allowing me to move where He wants me to be, not where I wanted to be.

My Water fowling and times in the field today have become about giving back. Giving back by using the gifts, experience and knowledge God has given me to preserve the sport we love and share the message of Jesus Christ. Weather my time is spent in the field, contest stage, seminar or on the Open water I am truly Blessed by what God has created and given to us in the great outdoors and eternity, it is all from Him and all for Him... Blessings!

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