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Goose Tree System Canada Goose
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Goose Tree System Canada Goose
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$339.00  $299.00

The Goose Tree System 

  •    Test Results    by Tim Grounds

      I tested the Goose Tree System (GTS) during the 2013-14 season at my club in southern Illinois and I can tell you this, it works!                                                                                                           

         I left the Goose Tree System in the field all season long.  I had a constant ‘birds-eye’ view from the second story of our club house.  On more than one occasion hunters came and reported to me that 3 geese were landing in the decoys, right now!  I gave them binoculars to check it out [GTS].

       My first test was to determine if the Goose Tree System would flare geese on final. So I put the GTS in the black spot landing area where we traditionally kill most of our geese.  The geese finished with no problem, in fact, we had some of our closest shots this season.

      Several times I tested the Goose Tree System along side of other flying decoys.  What impressed me the most, besides the shapeable wings, was the way the GTS handled the wind in excess of 25 mph.  The other decoys struggled while the GTS continued to attract geese in 30-35 mph winds.  Actually, the more wind, the better it looked.

      While no decoy is magical (we’ve all seen geese fly past a field full of live geese) the Goose Tree System is engineered for function and realism.  To begin with it weather-vanes, or faces the wind which keeps the landing direction straight.  So there is less time out of the blind re-arranging decoys and more time in the blind hunting.

      The individual flyers are life-size with 48” wing spans.  I liked the fact that I could shape the wings into natural looking positions.   And the fiberglass connecting rods helped give natural motion to the flyers. 

       After considerable testing I am happy to report that the Goose Tree System works.  It’s durable.  It transports easily and sets up quickly.  And the geese respond to it both from a distance and finishing.  

       I recommend the Goose Tree System as a flock of 3 landing geese to all goose hunters.  Especially those hunters wanting to improve their spreads by pulling on the birds’ natural instinct to follow the flock flying up ahead.




    Goose Tree System     Bullet Points

    Goose Hunter Benefits

    • creates the illusion of a landing bunch of geese 
    • plays on the natural instinct of geese to follow birds flying up ahead 
    • provides motion and visibility for miles 
    • automatically flags incoming geese without revealing the hunter's location 
    • flags continuously,  particularly when hunters aren't flagging, but should be 
    • swivels staying correctly oriented during wind shifts 
    • and so effective it replaces 2-3 dozen regular decoys.


    • 1 Smart Stick Base
    • 1 Swivel Connector
    • 3 Cross Arms
    • 3 Connecting Rods
    • 3 Flyers



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